Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language

Qualification aim

Level 3  Certificate in British Sign Language (BSL) caters for the learning needs of those who already have competence in BSL at Level 2. Successful candidates must be able to demonstrate competence at Level 3 of the UK Occupational Language Standards (CILT, 2010). This means that the learner will be able to understand and use varied BSL in a range of work and social situations.

The assessment criteria for this qualification are taken from the UK Occupational Language Standards at Level 3 (‘Varied’ language use) and are equivalent to those for Modern Foreign Languages at AS and A2 level. The qualification is at Level 3 on the Qualification & Credit Framework (QCF), Advanced Level on the Language Ladder, and Level B2 on the Common European Framework.

Qualification objectives

Successful completion of this qualification can be used as evidence of the language skills needed in order to be able to operate independently and at an advanced level in the target language. It is useful for those who work on a regular basis with Deaf people (for example social workers,  teachers of the Deaf, communicators, voluntary workers, workers within Deaf organisations, schools, etc) or those who aspire to work in these contexts. The unit titles refer to ‘work situations’ but the content and assessment criteria allow for evidence from a wide range of contexts.

On completion of this unit, the learner will have demonstrated competence in:

BSL320 – Sign Language Knowledge

BSL321 – Understand varied British Sign Language in a range of work and social situations – Receptive

BSL322 – Use varied British Sign Language in a range of work and social situations – Productive

Entry requirements:

It is aimed at those who have completed a Level 2 British Sign Language qualification or equivalent and can demonstrate competence at this level.


  • £1400
  • “Payment plans are available to assist with the cost of the course, Please contact for more details”


  • Course is run over a 10 month period with evening session’s per week.

Course dates:

Course application: