What we offer:

Are you looking to gain an accredited qualification in British Sign Language? Or are you looking to learn basic sign language skills for your everyday Life? 

Whatever your requirements are, you have come to the right place!

Deaf Perspective is the largest training provider for those wishing to gain a professional qualification for working with deaf people. We offer a range of British Sign Language courses from basic “Work Related Vocabulary” up to Signature Level 6 NVQ. Courses are delivered in our excellent facilities at the Festival Business Centre near to Glasgow city centre. We also offer a range of corporate packages that can be delivered at the clients establishment and are tailored specifically to the clients needs.

Come on now and start your journey to learning British Sign Language here at “Scotland’s largest training provider for BSL”

Our Consultancy Service offers organisations the opportunity to have their service provision appraised to ensure that they are fully meeting the needs of their deaf users/clients.